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Welkom bij ons gastenboek dat enkele jaren gesloten is geweest (vanwege spammers), dus de meeste commentaren zijn behoorlijk gedateerd. Maar nu kun je weer een berichtje achterlaten.
Wel keuren we tegenwoordig een bijdrage voordat die daadwerkelijk geplaats wordt, daarover krijg je dan van ons bericht.
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Naam: william Norman
Datum: 15.10.05 om 19:33
Plaats: Kilmonivaig,Inverness-shire
You obviously love our country and I have enjoyed your photographs enormously.Thankyou and all the best for the future,Will. Norman.
Naam: P?ivi Tikkanen
Datum: 12.10.05 om 20:50
Hi, What a surprise! When searching some travelling information for Albania I suddenly found your photo of church in Reisj?rvi (my home town in childhood). Very nice!
Naam: Marion Brown
Datum: 9.10.05 om 05:40
Plaats: Richmond, Virginia
I loved "going back" to Ireland with youall. I felt like I was right there with you. On our last trip to Dingle, a lobster fisherman took us and a few others from Slea Head (the tip of Dingle) to the Great Blasket Island, now deserted. We were left to roam on our own for a few hours before the fisherman came back and retrieved us. What a joy! What a country. My next trip will definitely include going to Donegal and to Northern Ireland. Thank you Elisabeth & Teije! You all are living my dream life!
Naam: Steve
Datum: 13.9.05 om 21:44
Plaats: California
What a great website. Thanks for sharing your awesome holidays with me.
Naam: Charis Pastellopoulos
Datum: 30.6.05 om 19:36
Plaats: Nicosia
There is no freshwater fish on Cyprus, but in the stream in the Troodos mountains there are plenty of freshwater crabs? That is what you are writing on your website. I am sure 100% you give wrong information. I know that in the North part of the island, there are some freshwater fish also. If anybody has any info for the freshwater fish exist in the North part of the island, please contact me.
Datum: 27.5.05 om 11:39
Plaats: bamgkok
(s19) i just surfed onto your site by accident and felt i had to write and tell you it is a beautiful bit of web design. informative, great look, good info and easy to navigate.
Naam: Neil
Datum: 17.5.05 om 14:29
Plaats: Darlington
Thanks for the great info on Croatia. It really helped me to plan my journey. (s19)
Naam: Ally
Datum: 11.5.05 om 22:31
Hey thanks for the info on Croatia! Helped me out a lot with my project! Hvala lijepa! (Thank You) (s04)
Naam: sid
Datum: 8.5.05 om 06:13
greetings from Republic of Maldives, Thanks for your site, I am a travel business man, I am looking for friends. (s02)
Naam: Anthony Thomas
Datum: 7.5.05 om 21:47
Plaats: Rugby
I am shortly to travel to Zilina in Slovakia to visit some special friends. I am so looking forward to this as i have never visited this part of the world before.I will let you know the outcome of my visit with my impressions of the country and its peoples.
Naam: evoni
Datum: 4.5.05 om 14:42
Plaats: baldwin
wats up i have to come here this morning cause my teach er have all these websites and everyday in computer class we go to one. i loved the castles they are kool. i wish i can live in one someday .im rich but i think i just want to live in an apartment (s17) (s02) (s03) (s09) (s19) (s14)
Naam: Robin
Datum: 28.4.05 om 19:12
Great travel photos! I really enjoyed them. You can see mine too on: I hope my photos inspire you as much as yours did me. Robin
Naam: Cathy
Datum: 28.4.05 om 15:30
(s14) Thank you so much for sharing your travels and adventures. I really admire your passions for traveling. It makes me want to see the world as well. I love the pictures... (s19)
Naam: Patricia Tyler Smith Wadsworth Vahedi
Datum: 6.4.05 om 05:51
Plaats: San Francisco, California
I want to thank you for your wonderful and varied website which has given me so many hours of pleasure! You are very generous people to share so much. PTSWV
Naam: ismael dukureh
Datum: 25.3.05 om 19:17
Plaats: Girona
thank you for your travel to gambia my country.i am a Gambian but i am now at spain.i am looking to the fotos of the gambia.they are very thank you.
Naam: Anke
Datum: 19.3.05 om 21:56
Plaats: Berlin
Hey; I?ve just found this page and I really appreciate your pictures. Only a few days ago we have arrived here coming from The Gambia. So your pictures and our impressions are pretty close. We stayed in a camp near Gunjur from were we travelled around to Brikama, Serekunda, Ghanatown and Banjul.... We are about to build up a social project there; so maybe I could make some advertisement ... for everybody who likes to travel as passionately as you both do and is voluntary to support different projects. Thank you very much, you two! Sincerely, Anke
Naam: Marko
Datum: 8.3.05 om 17:12
Plaats: Tampere
Hello! Nice pictures and stories :) Found my way to this site when trying to find something about Dingle Penisula (going there 22th March). Noticed that you have visited also my home country :) Cheers! -Marko-
Naam: Chris
Datum: 2.2.05 om 23:26
Keep up the good work !
Naam: Ittvagyok Ivan
Datum: 31.1.05 om 12:47
Plaats: Budapest
Congratulations for your website, I really like it!
Naam: Peter Edwards
Datum: 16.1.05 om 13:27
Plaats: Ipswich
Hi! I thought that your account of Marrakech was very interesting and gave a real idea of what it is lke to visit. I am going there next month and your account was very useful. tot ziens! Peter
Naam: Michael
Datum: 8.1.05 om 15:16
Plaats: Cork
Hallo! Bin heute zuf?llig bei Dir vorbeigesurft! Du hast eine sch?ne, informative und abwechslungsreiche Webseite gestaltet. Gro?es Kompliment und weiterhin viel Erfolg! Ich w?rde mich nat?rlich auf Gegenbesuch auf meinen Neuseeland-, Australien-, USA- und England/Irland-Seiten freuen: Herzliche Gr?sse aus Cork/Irland! Michael
Naam: Tari Blalock
Datum: 26.12.04 om 19:39
Plaats: Hesperia (in the High Desert of Southern California)
Thank you for making a beautiful web site with a photo gallery of your travels. It inspires me to travel more frequently. Have a Happy New Year!
Naam: Dirk Hansen
Datum: 26.12.04 om 19:39
Plaats: Charleston South Carolina
Fantastic! Thank you so much. I hope some day you will see a replica of your dream log cabin from Norway in the USA
Naam: Joost
Datum: 12.12.04 om 17:27
Plaats: Flanders
beautiful web-site and lay out. Lovely photos. Congratulations.
Naam: Melissa Caldwell
Datum: 12.12.04 om 08:16
Plaats: McHenry, Ilinois
I love your website. I have always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland and your pictures gave the feeling I was there. You both have a great outlook on life and people thanks for sharing you life. I will check back often to see new place you may have visted. Any thought about coming to the USA?

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