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Welkom bij ons gastenboek dat enkele jaren gesloten is geweest (vanwege spammers), dus de meeste commentaren zijn behoorlijk gedateerd. Maar nu kun je weer een berichtje achterlaten.
Wel keuren we tegenwoordig een bijdrage voordat die daadwerkelijk geplaats wordt, daarover krijg je dan van ons bericht.
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Naam: sawyer
Datum: 27.4.09 om 18:42
Plaats: Scotland/Cyprus

Really enjoyed looking at you're website thanks for the lovely photograph's.....oddly enough we were on Governors beach near Limassol today! We have a holiday apartment in Paphos so visit Cyprus often.

Scotland is our home and I'm sure you will enjoy you're visit, it is a beautiful country.



Naam: Teije & Elisabeth
Datum: 25.1.09 om 13:33
Plaats: Groningen
Welcome to our new website and a new guestbook. The old one on was closed for more than a year due to spam. We try to make a fresh start with this website. We hope to have transferred everything from in a few weeks.

So feel free to leave a message or question here.
Naam: duncan
Datum: 11.5.07 om 08:19
Plaats: worksop
good web site I,m glad you enjoyed your trip to east yorkshire hope you return one day I always enjoy my trips to groningen a fantastic city I would recomend to any one
Naam: Konrad
Datum: 2.5.07 om 16:29
Plaats: Warsaw
Hi! I was searching for information about Sweden and finally found your website! Here I can read all I need. Thank you for that. By the way I read your relation from trip to Poland. Yes, it can be a little schock with many things at the beginning - especially for scandinavian people. I study in Finland now and can see a difference :) But I hope that you more or less enjoyed staying in Poland and you will visit my country again :) Wish you alll the best!
Naam: Cathie
Datum: 3.3.07 om 17:29
Plaats: Harwich, Ma.
What a great website!! We are planning to spend a few nights in "your castle" in fall of 2007! Great pictures and descriptions= thankyou!
Naam: Marla Boender
Datum: 8.2.07 om 15:44
Plaats: Chicago, Illinois
I have done everyone of your puzzles and cannot wait for you to post more. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thank you.
Naam: Elizabeth Zavada
Datum: 21.1.07 om 23:46
Plaats: Oswego
I have enjoyed your site so much. The pictures are wonderful and I love doing the jigsaw puzzles. Since I am semi housebound it has helped me through some difficult times. Plus I get to travel the world, thank you so much.
Naam: Sharon Summers
Datum: 28.12.06 om 06:18
Thank you for a wonderful website. I am travelling with a friend to Italy and Scotland in May and found all of your stories and info very helpful. I hope I get to travel as much as you have. It is all a bit far from Australia!
Naam: Joyce
Datum: 24.12.06 om 17:11
Plaats: Alabama
I enjoy the puzzles on this website THANKS
Naam: pam olmstead
Datum: 10.12.06 om 02:00
Plaats: belleville
Have enjoyed visiting your site and will be back when time allows. Wish I could see these castles in person!
Naam: jeremy deville
Datum: 17.11.06 om 07:19
Plaats: baton rouge, louisiana
i love your site. Looking at all the pictures makes me so jealous. I can not wait to travel more of europe and see such wonderful places as you have. Keep traveling and if you ever come to new orleans i will give you a personal tour.
Naam: Thomas Sweeney
Datum: 13.10.06 om 19:04
Plaats: Arundel, Maine
I am taking my wife to Ireland for her 60th birthday in December and was concerned about weather, etc. Your site has put our minds at ease, and heightened our anticipation. Good job!
Naam: Pierre
Datum: 30.9.06 om 19:52
Plaats: Cape Town
Congratulations on an informative website! I am a member of the trivago travel community, who strive to provide comprehensive information for travelers (including photographs, reviews and links to related resources) and I have therefore placed a link to your site from our Europe pages. Baie dankie - dit is pragtig en interessant!
Naam: Derek
Datum: 27.9.06 om 02:00
Plaats: milford pennsylvania
thank you i had a spanish project and u had everything i needed i wish there were more websites like this one
Naam: Madison
Datum: 22.5.06 om 03:43
Plaats: Nambour
great web all that i need...THANKS GUYS luv ya..........AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE
Naam: Pa Njie
Datum: 9.5.06 om 10:28
Plaats: Stockholm
Great photos and thanks for letting me use one of them. Keep adding more. Thanks.
Naam: Juliette
Datum: 28.3.06 om 06:20
Plaats: Burnie
Fantastic Website. I used this site for an assignment at school. The best website on Scotland. I gathered all my information from your website. Fantastic. Great job.
Naam: Thu
Datum: 25.3.06 om 13:01
Plaats: Melbourne
Hello, I liked this hepled me a lot with my studies on Sweden for school. You guys presented a lot of interesting information. Thank you greatly. Also, i liked seeing messages from people writing in other languages, that was cool. I like differnt languages. Thanks again. Thu xxx
Naam: Ken
Datum: 16.2.06 om 18:34
Am going to Gambia in April - thank you for your site - it has given me some good information about a country I have not been to before.
Naam: Oybek
Datum: 22.1.06 om 19:34
Plaats: Tashkent
Hello, Thanks for this site for such beauti&usefull Pictures, and specil grate thanks for creater of this site!
Datum: 14.1.06 om 16:00
Plaats: RYDE
Thanks for your Cyprus details of your holiday ,as intending to travel there soon, on reading your experiences you all really enjoyed yourselves , but hope my holiday is not so dramatic . Im off in Jan hope no snow . i assume you have written other travel holidays too. nb .there was no mention of food poerhaps you are very slim in holland .!!
Naam: Simon
Datum: 12.1.06 om 22:54
Plaats: Leeds
Interesting site. I travel arround with work and it is interesting to see your view of the world. Many thanks Simon :-)
Naam: Vera & Rolf
Datum: 5.11.05 om 13:58
Plaats: Hannover
Hallo Elisabeth & Teije, we visit a long time your fantastic website, its wounderful! Vera & Rolf
Naam: Adam Lauks
Datum: 18.10.05 om 08:58
Plaats: Berlin
I enjoyed verry much Your site.But when You come next time to Croatia-go south there is the all beauty of the Paradise on Earth.Autocamp MLASKA on the Island Hvar or Autocamp in Trpanj on Penionsula Peljesac or Adriatics in Mokalo... Just mail me on-I help you.Go to and take look on Croatia -pictures what we made last summer.. Adam
Naam: Jane
Datum: 16.10.05 om 06:20
Plaats: New Yorker
I am so glad that you two found each other, and I, your website! It issuch an enormous labor of love. I especially enjoyed the Barcelona photos, and cannot wait to go back. What a great big wonderful world we can live in at times,huh? Thank you for you generous spirits. (s14)

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