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Dit zijn de awards die we gekregen hebben. Kijk hiernaast voor een overzicht van de overige awards.

In het begin vroegen we awardsites om onze site te inspecteren waardoor we verbeteringen konden aanbrengen, maar daar zijn we vanaf 2003 mee gestopt. Toch krijgen we soms nog ongevraagd een award. Aangezien er wat erg veel zijn voor 1 pagina hebben we ze opgedeeld in diverse kategorieën.
En let wel, op sommige bronzen awards die we hebben gekregen van 'high-quality' websites zijn we heel wat trotser dan op bepaalde gouden awards! In totaal hebben we er 135 gekregen.

15 oktober, 2003

Dear Elisabeth Smit,

Recently, we visited your website Elisabeth & Teije's travelwebsite and found it to be an excellent online travel resource. To recognize your contribution to the internet travel community, we have awarded your site the AtlasTravel Distinguished Travel Site Award.

About The Award:
The travel industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the online community. There are thousands of travel-related sites on the web, and the AtlasTravel Awards are designed to recognize websites which provide valuable online services for travelers in an attractive, easy to use format.
Recipients are given this award by AtlasTravel in recognition of their contribution to the online travel community. Award-winning sites offer content which is beneficial to the travel community, while retaining an ease of use which allows users to easily find what they're looking for.

22 januari 2003

We are pleased to forward to you your award.
Hoping long and excellent life to your site

Regards, Marc

3 januari 2003

Dit is geen award, maar een 'kandidaats-award'. We moeten dus nog even afwachten (en hij telt nog niet mee als award; uiteindelijk hebben we er niets meer over gehoord.)

11 december, 2002

Congratulations!! Your site has been chosen to receive the BUDMAR AWARD for excellence in great content, pleasant appearance, easy navigation, and proper HTML coding.

7 december, 2002

Dear Elisabeth and Teije,
congratulations, You have matched all my criterias and I had fun visiting Your website.
Attached You will find the Museumsaward and the laudation.
You are already presented with screenshot on my winners pages (menue 7).
Kind regards


28 november, 2002

We would like to award your great website our Cooroy "Place of Possums" Award of Excellence for your website.
27 november, 2002

Hello Elisabeth and Teije,

I'm just back from a visit to your pages. Congratulations! Your travel website is very interesting, and excellent designed. It's my pleasure to send you my award for it.

Saba - Switzerland

25 november, 2002

We are very honoured and proud to award your beautiful website our Scottish Names Research Award of Excellence.

I enjoyed your Scottish Castles section very much. Will be back to look at it again when I got time and add it to my favourites.

Peter J. Tibbett
Scottish Names Research.
23 november, 2002

Hello, I accepted your invitation and stopped by your site this morning.
That's one reason why I created the award, so that people could ask me by to visit their sites. The web is so big these days, I know there are a lot of places I miss in my surfing. I enjoy visiting webs sites to see what people are passonate enough about that they take the time to try to get people to visit. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your travels. That's something I would like to do when my children graduate from college is to visit Europe. The site was well structured and the navigation was easy to use. With your upcoming trip to Ireland, the award is appropriate.

I probably don't need to tell you, since you have seen the award. But, as a reminder, the phrase on the frame is in Irish. Literally it translate as "The work recommends the craftsman" or in a more modern phrasing, "Judge a man by his work."

1 november, 2002

Greetings Elisabeth & Teije:

I've reviewed your site.
Congratulations on a well-done site! :-)


Michael Cox

30 oktober, 2002

Elisabeth & Teije

Gratuliere Du gehörst zu den Gewinnern des "Best of WWW"-Award von DH-Online :-).
You won award from dh-online-net
28 oktober, 2002

Hello Elisabeth & Teije

Very interesting site with valuable information and a lot of good quality photos. Congratulations to the PhotoMaze award!

25 oktober, 2002

Hello Elisabeth & Teije:

Congratulations! I enjoyed surfing your site. Your work is wonderful. We are proud to have you amongst our winners.
15 oktober, 2002

Hi Elisabeth & Teije-
I have finished reviewing your most excellent travel web site, and with a total score of 89/100, I would like you to accept the ElectricWEB Best of the Net Award. Living abroad myself, I can certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes in to not only learning about your host country, but compiling that information for others to benefit. Your site represents a dedication and thoroughness that begs to be awarded! That, combined with a clean, user friendly design certainly makes your efforts the Best of the Net! Thanks for sharing your adventures with me, and best wishes in Ireland
(a place I would LOVE to see!)

Aimee Davis

10 oktober, 2002

I reviewed your site very carefully and evaluated it. You've got 75 points:

- Beautiful graphics and artwork - 10
- Great Layout and impression - 0
- Quick loading time and speed - 0
- Interesting and unusual content - 50 (max)
- Ease of navigation and functionality - 15
- Uniqueness and creativity in design - 0
- - - - - - -
Total 75

Congrats! You've got my Great Content Award (rated 2.0)

7 oktober, 2002

Hello Elizabeth,

Today I have been fortunate enough to visit a website that was enjoyable and educational! Yours. Please accept this token of my appreciation for a very well done website!
It is an excellent as well as unusual site, which is always a delight to visit.

I loved the photographs and my having a commercial Photograph website, know how difficult it can be to get that "perfect shot" of something. Takes a natural ability, which you apparently have. Excellent work, Elizabeth!

A heartfelt congratulations, Elizabeth. With wishes for continued success at your website.

Nancy Carol

6 oktober, 2002

Hello Elisabeth,

I have visited your website and am pleased to present you with the awards attached.

In peace and love,
Coyote Jo
(we kregen 5 awards, maar uiteraard tonen en tellen we maar 1)

5 oktober, 2002

I am pleased to award you with my Bewitching Site Award!

Thank you and enjoy your Special Award!


5 oktober 2002

Hi Elisabeth,

I have toured your website and I am pleased to present you with the Wet Dreams Poetry Outstanding Award! I had an amazing time visiting you and learning about the different countries you have visited....I was especially impressed with your Travel Accounts for your trips!
I wish you continued success with your website and your travels! Have a great day!

4 oktober 2002

Congratulations! Your website has been reviewed and scored high marks.

It is obvious that you have put much effort into creating a better than average website.

27 september 2002

Greetings from Ireland :-)
We did surf your creative, informative, entertaining and multi-themed place and did like your attitude of sharing, informing and inspiring.The internet would be a quite greyish place without sites like yours! So we decided to offer you our precious ENJOYMENT & VARIETY AWARD. It's enjoyment and variety which best describes your site. The logo shows the mythological Tibetan snow lion (also part of the Tibetan national flag), enjoying himself by playing with a little ball.
We hope you accept this symbol of our sympathy and cyber-friendship.

"Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually
open a window and look out to see who's there."
- Jelajuddin Rumi

"The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy."
- Djuna Barnes

13 september 2002

Thank you for your award application. You have an exellent site. I have great pleasure in granting you these awards.

Regards, Aescom.

28 augustus 2002

Congratulations! You have won my award.
25 augustus 2002

After reviewing your site we are pleased to present with our Excellence Award, nice site keep up the good work.
13 augustus 2002

Congratulations .. you are the winner of an flp site award.

7 augustus 2002

Hi Elisabeth,
It was quite obvious you have put a lot of love into your site! Your Design, Navigation and Content flow together gracefully... Excellent Site!

15 juni 2002

After viewing your site we believe what you offer is at least the minimum of our requirements of what to be a useful service to the Internet Community. We found your site to be creative and full of content. Congratulations, you have won "StanTheMans 4 Star Design Award."

Your site is easy to use, friendly, and graphically pleasing. Plus your site enhances the originality of the Internet community.
14 juni 2002

Dear Webmaster,

Congratulations......Your site was reviewed against the criteria, and evaluated on design, content, navigation, originality, creativity, award presentation, knowledge, graphics and overall impression. Because my Awards are difficult to achieve, your website is considered as an excellent reference on the Net. Your new Awards symbolizes overall a very high standard in design and content and we are honored to see it within web pages such as yours.
Your Award is rated Award Sites 4.0, German Top Awards International 3 Stars, WebsAwards Supreme 1 Star Level 10 Rating, and Mystery Awards System Cream Of Awards Best 5 On The Net and is considered one of the Top Awards on the Internet.

12 juni 2002

Hello Dear Member,

First we wanted to congratulate you on the nice site you have designed. It is really a pleasure looking at it, although some pages couldn't be found, but I am sure you will take care of that. You have done a very good job,keep up the hard work.

1 mei 2002

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them"
24 april 2002

CONGRATULATIONS! - Your site has been considered by our review panel (some of the top web consultants in Australia) and has been awarded an "Excellence" award.
The Excellence award considers sites for interest, content and quality. We recognise that many hours and days of hard work go into creating a site often out of a love of a subject or area.
12 april 2002

Although I don't understand the pages that are not in English, I can see that you've put a lot of hard work into your travel information. Great job!!!

29 maart 2002

I am pleased to award you the Scottish History Online Award 2002.

Er zat verder geen kommentaar bij deze award, maar misschien zijn we hier nog wel het meest trots op. Schotse sites geven niet snel awards en het maken van de geschiedenis bladzijde op de site en vervolgens de vertaling ervan naar het Engels heeft de meeste tijd gekost. Dus deze award voelt als een stukje erkenning voor ons uitzoek-werk.

29 maart 2002

Congratulations! You have won the Outstanding Website Award from Online Web Creations.
You have a great site. You offer a lot of interesting, interactive resources on your website.
23 maart 2002

Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site!
It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Major Web Select
13 maart 2002

Congratulations you won the Top Site Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site. Your score was as a 90 out of 100. A panel of two decided the final results.
Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!
I really love your web site! The design and layout, and easy navigation around your site are top notch!

Please accept my award for your site.
You surely deserve an Award, especially since you have these enchanted photographs of two of my beloved places, Cyprus and Scotland. I lived in both for many years, and you just caught all the delight and magic they both have.
Since you have not asked for a specific Award, I am sending you my Award of Excellence with my best wishes and congratulations.
Congratulations! Your site has won Sealights' Award of Excellence.
Congratulations you have been awarded the "World Web Award of Excellence". Your site meets all of our qualifications that makes for a great site. We enjoyed our visit to your site, keep up the good work.
Your site was awarded for the hours of hard work you put into it.
Your navigation system is easy to follow and is smooth flowing.
I enjoyed your photos very much.

Congratulations from!
You have just won an award for your Excellent Website!'ve done a wonderful job on your deserve it!!!!
***Elisabeth Smit***
Your Web site has been selected to win a Web Works Site Award.

I have chosen your site, to be a worthy of our " Designs Award ".

It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise.

Your site has been thoroughly viewed and judged and I am pleased to inform you that your site has been approved for the following award/logo:


A site that meets the navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design has made the internet more enjoyable. Your site impressed me with meeting the required criteria. Again congratulations and a job well done!

	Award I have to admit that I don't understand very much of your language but you do have a *great* Web-site. So..... Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, good design, clever original graphics, great photos, and you have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit.
I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits.

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